Hermes, “Jesus” is actually an English transliteration out of an effective Latin transliteration away from good Greek transliteration of Hebrew title

Hermes, “Jesus” is actually an English transliteration out of an effective Latin transliteration away from good Greek transliteration of Hebrew title

the name of your own holy one of israel in the o.t. is actually as well as in the fresh letter.t. their Yahshua (salvation) exact same individual. there is certainly just one identity lower than paradise wherein and therefore we become salvation (Yahshua). their title is replaced over 6000 times on o.t and so they did an equivalent in the letter.t. within the revelations the new 666 are step three greek emails. chi-600, xi-sixty and you may stigma-6, during the english they states Jesus. a beneficial conterfeit is nearly impractical to share with on fresh as opposed to intimate analysis. Jesus ( the newest pony, the new pig, son out-of zeus otherwise jesus are zeus ) is go against the fresh new torah ergo with regards to the script- they are a monster. i’m a white western european american. an excellent caucasian whos ancesters went through the newest causasus mountains because of this new assyrian captivity of Israel. the usa is the group out of Ephraim. top tribe of destroyed tribes of the house regarding israel.

There’s absolutely no “Y” or “SH” in Greek, and usually men brands when you look at the Greek finished during the “S,” or one vowel. ” KJV translators, while others, were looking to honor the name that with “LORD,” and utilizing “Lord” effectively change “Adonay,” together with Germanic “God” to properly translate “Este.” Iesuos is not 666. Their Greek label results in 777.

As for your own Anglo-Israelism tip, which is an integral part of the nation that people escape regarding, not into. The Caucasian those who invaded Northern Europe had alread leftover the newest Caucuses by the point of one’s Assyrian captivity. Brand new Germanic people began around 1800 bc, good millenium earlier in the day, given that Celtic somebody (my personal ancestors) originated doing 800 bc, not afterwards. Here’s what first Timothy step one:4 makes reference to once the “endless” (unprovable) genealogies. The identity before God isn’t during the Israel, however in Christ (the Anointed That, aka the Messiah), if the actually you may have recognized because the Lord (Adonay, not baal–search so it up from the !) and you will Saving grace.

Jerel i am unfortunate to you personally, your say his name is Yahshua , but you possess only replaced their greek identity Iesous that have a good man-made-right up become proud and you can advanced fake identity that has zero background zero numeric definition otherwise spirit to answer your own label merely deceased functions. You mention the brand new monster gematria 666 and you will consider you have got knowledge, a good counterfeit needs analysis.

Brand new gemitria out-of Iesous (Jesus) is actually 888 since you should become aware of with all the skills one to form a perfect for the the fresh beginings, more comeplete (7), my cup runneth over-all across the place. YHVH during the paleo hebrew is Give View Complete Behold.

Their Yahshua is the (6) produced by guy in order to beguile like your Herbert Armstrong fairy tale which had been given up to own Christianity by the their church once he passed away

Brand new isn’t plan B, it had been regarding begining when deciding to take so it message into the community thats really why even the book off Mathew written so you can Hebrews rates this new septuagint sixty percent of time. Get real. Jesus grabbed kid to a complete higher octave (8) moments about three for the Iesous and you may delivered his content over roman roads on the you to code all the had acess so you can.

Lookup will teach it doesn’t mean pig, or guy of Zeus or “jesus was Zeus

Gravity possess you on to the ground and also lets us fly if we use it correctly . All of the Mormons I know envision they are Ephaim as well, Brigham taught should you have one to shed out of negro in yourbloodline you used to be to not ever enter its preisthood (being gods) that is comedy produce Joesef’s wife Asenath was an effective Hamite, therby excluding all him or her Ephraimites in the priesthood or even the most useful in there own empire such as your fallacie.

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