Gay Parship is an affiliate of the popular online dating and compatibility site, Parship

Gay Parship is an affiliate of the popular online dating and compatibility site, Parship

Gay Parship Review

Parship is one of the most commercially successful dating agencies in Europe, based solely on a personality and compatibility test designed in collaboration with psychologist Hugo Schmale of the University of Hamburg. The model adopted by the site seems to have taken off, being successful in 13 European countries. There are plenty of gay men seeking people just like you, albeit on the proviso that you’re looking for something a little more stable and not just a quick fling. GayParship is one of those sites that uses the appliance of science to gauge the darkest recesses of your personality and find the most compatible matches. It’s quite professional and polished.

The personality test itself is rather interesting, if not, in parts, a little odd. The test takes around 15 minutes to complete and delves into a lot of different areas of your life – your lifestyle, social skills, profession, perception, logic and more – through a range of different question styles. Users who have taken personality tests for the purpose of dating before will notice that this test seems quite different from the simple tests hosted on other sites. The ‘associated profile matching algorithm’ that makes the whole thing tick requires the questions asked to be fairly specific so users will have to take their time as they complete the questionnaire. Many users may be put off by the fact that real life dating doesn’t rely on such scientific data, and as such, may find Gay Parship a little artificial. If you’ve checked out the rather random way in which many gay dating sites purport to work, you’ll probably be enthused by the promise of science helping you to find a meaningful and long-lasting relationship in this cold and crazy world. After all, with science kicking Cupid off of his pedestal and taking his place, what could possibly go wrong? But if you’re looking for a site where you can sign up pretty quickly, this isn’t the site for you. Profile creation is interesting but quite laborious. Yet this is precisely what you want if you’re serious about a long term relationship because the more information the site requires, the more information you’ll get about potential matches and the fewer time wasters you’re likely to encounter.

Once results have been returned you have the opportunity to browse through the profiles of those users who, according to the personality test, are perfectly matched to your personality traits. Results can be filtered according to a number of criteria, including age, location, income, profession and more, and you can then choose to get in contact with, or send ‘interest’ to those who catch your eye. As far as we can see, there doesn’t look to be an instant messaging function on Gay Parship, but you can make contact through the ‘messaging centre’ which is hosted on the site. Whilst some users may find that the pre-chosen matches takes the hassle out of searching for potential lovers, we did find it a touch sterile and wondered whether, for some users, it might take some of the fun out of online dating. We also think that there’s a lot to be said for being able to search through profiles, as you may come across someone you wouldn’t have using the automated system.

Gay Parship Reviews

Your personality profile and access to potentially compatible partners is included as part of the viudos buscando pareja basic membership, meaning it’s free! However, don’t go cartwheeling around the room just yet, as you’ll be fairly restricted in what you can do unless you upgrade to premium membership. To fuel your optimism, you’ll find features such as the Parship ‘online magazine’ and be able to read elsewhere about ‘success stories’, where other members have successfully found meaningful relationships. Also, whilst you can review your matches, it’s not possible to openly communicate until you upgrade to premium membership. As a free member, you are able to send a free icebreaker message, or a ‘smile’, which is a way of flirting onlinemunication is a little more rigid and lumbering in comparison to other sites, and remember also that you will be restricted to those members with whom you’re most compatible. It’s a bit like having your parents pick your partner and pass on their love letters, having first, read and censored any erotic phrasings with a chunky chisel-tip marker pen. That’s the main problem with this type of site, it just feels a little too restrictive and that you’re continuously being tailed by an over-zealous chaperone. In addition, compared to a lot of sites, it’s quite expensive. However, if you’re serious about dating and prefer the more selective approach then it’s worth a try.

Gay Parship is a unique type of dating, so it’s difficult to compare it to other sites, though we did find the price tag to be quite high. If you’re the sort of person who is serious about meeting a partner, not just for a quick roll in the hay but for something deeper and more substantial then this might be the site for you. Its automated system is backed up by 30 years of research by professionals, and it really takes into account your personality in full, when done properly. Whilst this site clearly isn’t for everyone, it does have the sort of quirkiness that will appeal to some. If you’ve tried other dating sites and weren’t satisfied, and you’re willing to pay a little over the odds, give Gay Parship a go!

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